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Many of the apparel choices involve institutional branding in some way.

After Nike’s fiasco in Indonesia a couple of decades ago, big brands are doubly careful not to fall foul of public opinion.

Women in Business 61, 29.

The results showed the hollow concrete block masonry walls have greater strength than those made with bricks while both flexural and shear capacity as well as the flexural ductility of reinforced hollow concrete block beams were higher than ordinary reinforced concrete beams.

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*The cravings people get, and the dreams they often have, rival those of pregnancy.

Foster also believes there’s a massive opportunity for Reebok to start signing some of the new sports stars or influencers of the day, because Nike has become wallpaper that everyone partners with.

Chickens are everybody's favourite meal.

used about a piece of clothing with raglan sleeves

The Air Max bubble or Onitsuka's GEL then give a serious old-fashioned blow to the famous canvas risers.

heavy clothes , shoes , or materials are thick and strong

Over the years, Vans has made it possible to step out with feet wrapped in artwork by underground comix pioneer R.

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