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12 Principles of Happiness

My 12 Principles for Happiness
1. Always choose to love yourself unconditionally.
No matter what happens or whatever you go through in life, don't abandon yourself.  If you realize you've been beating yourself because you think you blew it somehow, then now is the tme to let go of that and choose compassion.  You're not perfect, no one is.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  People may come and go but you will always have you.
2. Trust your boundaries and fine-tune your instincts
Follow your feelings and intuition towards what feels good and what resonates with you.  Learn to know by feeling when you're in the right place for you and walk away from situations that dishonor you.  Follow your heart and stay true to your purpose.  If you're dating a man and something feels off, then honor that and give your heart what it needs.  Strong boundaries and intuition are a vital part of your happiness.  If you boundaries are something you struggle with then I invite you to explore this deeper with me.  
3. Know the difference between your triggers and a true red flag
Your triggers show up when something happens that reminds you of an upleasant or painful experience.  It can feel like warning or a red flag, but oftentimes it's just emotional wounding coming up.  Problems can arise when we have a habit of reacting to our emotional triggers because we might act as though the person who triggered us is wrong or somehow at fault, when in fact they have done nothing wrong. 
A red flag is a warning sign that tells you an important boundary is being crossed or could be crossed at some point.  Ignoring red flags can cause pain for you in relationships if your needs are being dishonored but you choose to stay.
Knowing the difference between the two, honoring your boundaries by noticing red flags, and knowing how to navigate triggers when they show up so that you don't sabotage your relationships is one of the most important principles for happiness.
4. Distance yourself from toxic people and situations
Sometimes the most toxic people in your life might be family members or even friends you've known for many years that you find difficult letting go of.  But it's important that you have strong boundaries even with those closest to you to protect your own happiness, which you are responsible for.  You do not owe anyone in your life full access to you.  It's possible to manage the amount of contact you have with the ones who cause you pain and stress without removing them completely.  Though in some cases, it's better to cut off contact completely.    
5. Own your "stuff"
A.k.a. "own your shit."  If you make a mess with someone, be willing to clean it up.  Own your part but do so without owning undue blame and criticism.  If others engage in blaming and faulting, it's OK to listen, just don't take it on board further than the extent you are responsible.  Let go of blame and fault and just focus on you being the best you that you can be.  When you make a mistake, own it and then quickly forgive yourself.  Your happiness depends upon your ability to do this.
6. Know that your happiness is your responsibility
Happiness comes from within.  We've all heard this a million times, but it really is true.  This means that if you are waiting for something or someone to come along in order to complete you, then you're missing the mark.  While you are waiting for those extra blessings to come along (your soulmate, or that really great job opportunity, etc.) get really good at creating a life that you love.  Do things that light you up and make your vibe shine radiantly.  This is the key to attracting everything else you want.
7. Let go of perfectionism and the need to control
Perfectionism and high standards are not the same thing.  High standards are a great thing and having high standards makes you high value.  But if there is a perfectionistic quality in you that you know is hindering you in your relationships or is a source of discontent for you in general, then it's time take a deeper look and see where you can let go.  Allowing for differences and imperfection opens up the  universe for you in terms of what you can attract and even more importantly, learning to be open and receptive sans perfectionsism and expectation will allow you to experience happiness on a new level. 
8. Forgive yourself and others
Forgivness is the ultimate release.  Forgiveness cultivates joy and happiness.  Don't only be good at forgiving others, be just as good as forgiving yourself.  What are you holding onto right now?  Is there something you can forgive?  
9. Believe in your soul's worth and divine purpose
I love that this is #9 which is the number of universal love in Numerology.  Do you know  your soul's worth and divine purpose?  What are you passionate about?  What do you love?  You were created in God's image.  You are spiritual being unlike any other.  If it is intimate, soulmate love that you desire, then intimate, soulmate love is yours to experience.  If you feel called to a higher purpose, then believe that you will fill a role that only you were meant to fill.  Do not deny your soul's worth or divine purpose.   If you could use some guidance in this area, then don't hesitate to reach out. 
10. Live your life with intention as one who is worthy and called
Believe and then live into your worthiness and calling with the intention of one who knows it is already written in the books and therefore already so.   Align your path to your intention, knowing that every choice you make along the way is a stepping stone that brings you closer to that which you desire or pulls you a little further away.  Even when you feel pulled away, don't worry.  Awareness is your friend and the universe is always offering new opportunities.  Your higher self is in no hurry and believes all things are happening to your greater good.  
11. Receive for you are truly blessed
So many of us struggle with the concept of receiving because it's easier to be the giver than the receiver.  I want you to give yourself permission right now to receive.  Imagine your heart is a cup that gets filled by love and when you receive love freely, you double the measure, adding sparkle and beauty to your vibe.  How do you feel when your cup is full? Where is your energy level when you have received love and care?  
If you are a divine creation of the One who created you, then cast out any fear and doubt about your worthiness to receive.  Don't hide behind giving.  Receive the love and opportunity that is all around you, even when it is YOU giving to you.  Get used to receiving!
12. Remember that you are always loved
You are not an island unto yourself so if you ever feel alone or need extra support, it's just phone call, an internet search, or chance meeting away.  We live in a world where networking and meeting new people who share our interests are literally everywhere.  Don't ever buy into the belief that you're alone and don't let fear of rejection or abandonment leave you isolated.  If you want to widen your circle or meet someone special, just be willing to take the step.  Reach out.  Chances are, someone else needs someone just like you in their world.  You are special.  You are worthy.  You are loved.
You are loved indeed,

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