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A Guide to Online Dating

“I’m not having any luck at all with any of these online dating sites.  I give up! All the good men are either taken or gay.  All the men I find on these sites are players, jerks, or just defective in some way.”

Sound familiar?  Believe me, I understand.  I’ve been there too.  But the truth is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful men out there waiting to meet a woman just like you that they can fall in love with.

Believe it or not, most men actually WANT to be married.

Who is Mr. Wonderful looking for?  He wants to find the woman who makes him feel totally accepted for who he is, not who she can change him to be.  He wants to feel appreciated by his woman.  And he wants to fall in love with a feminine energy woman who really loves herself (like the goddess that she is) and knows how to express herself.

Thankfully, I discovered the elements and tools that can make anyone succeed at finding love through online dating.  If I did it, I know you can do it, too!

Step 1 – “Marketing yourself” starts with a great online profile.

  • Profile Pics – You need a minimum of (3) photos.  You need at least one really great quality, current head shot for your profile pic. Additionally, you’ll need a picture of you from the chest up (you want to show some skin – your neck and decollete are sensuous zones…but no nudity of course!)  You also need one good full-length picture of yourself so he can see what you look like.
  • Don’t lie about your age or appearance – I cannot stress this enough.  A lot of women make this mistake, but doing this will always work against you and end up making you feel bad about yourself.  You don’t want a man who misrepresents himself to you and neither does he.   You want to be attracting the guys who want you for who you are now, not the 10 years younger version of you.  I promise you, there are tons of men out there who want the REAL you!
  • Express yourself attractively and authentically through your written content You want to make sure your profile expresses the essence of who you are in the most positive and attractive light.  Keep in mind, men love fun and adventure!  Your first paragraph should be about who you are and what you like.  Your second paragraph should be about what you are looking for in a relationship.

If you need help writing a great profile, let me know!  This is one of my specialties!

Step 2 – Sit back and answer emails. 

  • Don’t surf – Let men make contact with you first.  Let them do the work of pursuing you, not the other way around.  See who shows up!
  • Keep your email replies short and sweet –  First, make a nice comment about his profile pic.  Second, express yourself with a “feeling message”. Third, be an invitation.

You look really handsome in that blue shirt in your profile pic…it really brings out your eyes.   And you love sailing!  

I’m intrigued… 


Step 3 –  Let him ask you out. 

  • You want to meet up quickly –  Don’t drag out the first contact.  A lot of women make this mistake.  You want to meet as many men in person as your schedule will allow.
  • Keep the first date short – Just a half hour or hour at most is ideal for the first date. This is important because it keeps him intrigued and it gives you an easy “out”. Stick with this plan even if you’re really hitting it off.

Step 4 –  Treat them all equally.

  • Don’t play favorites – Or break a date with one guy because a guy you like better asks you out for that night.  First come, first serve (until you decide to become exclusive with one guy…but we will talk about that later!)
  • Each Guy is a Messenger – Imagine that every man who shows up has a message – a special gift – for you that will help you discover more about who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.  See if you can grow to really appreciate each of them for giving you this “gift”.
  • Don’t judge – If you are judging men, you are judging yourself.  The more open you are to realizing that there are so many men in the world who would love to love you, men who want to give you gifts and shower you with affection, the more likely you will be to attract Mr. Wonderful and recognize him when he shows up.

I think that online dating is a wonderful tool for meeting men.  It should be fun and exciting, not draining and discouraging.  It’s a fantastic way to explore the endless possibilities of all the great men out there who are just waiting to find you and claim you. Dating “goddess style” just takes a little skill to navigate successfully…I can help!

xoxo, Carrie


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