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Are You Getting Your Needs Met?

Is He Mr. Right Or Just A Good Guy?

Have you ever dated a guy and noticed (almost) everything about him fit you perfectly, and thought

”How can I make him realize that we’re so perfect for each other?” 

Women sometimes have a tendency to idealize a man when we feel chemistry…such as the kind that’s sparked when he shows up with certain “Good Guy Traits” that trigger our feelings of attraction for him on a deeper level.   Problem is, when our “good guy” radar kicks in, our better judgment intinct sometimes takes the back seat.

Good Guy Traits…

“He’s spiritual.”

“He’s intelligent/intellectually stimulates me.”

“He’s kind.”

“He’s generous.”

“He’s a confident.”

“He’s fun and adventurous.”

“He’s sexy.”

“He’s passionate.”

“He’s masculine.”

“He’s protective.”

(Add a few of your own!)

What We REALLY Want

Whether we prefer the “bad boy” type or prefer more of gentleman… most of us feel instinctively drawn to the masculine energy male… one who often has a softer, or perhaps even spiritual side.

We long for a strong knight in shining armor who would toss his coat over a puddle to save us from soiling our perfect slippers.   We dream of the handsome prince whose love is so pure and loyal, his kiss could wake us from an eternal sleep.

We want to be held high up on a pedestal… guarded, protected, cherished, revered.

We want to be his lover, his goddess, his queen, and his equal.

Are we asking too much?  Is it possible for a man to have the “good guy traits” AND be able to give us what we really want?

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”            

– E.L. James

A man can be all that and a bag of chips, but if he’s not available to do relationship with you for whatever reason (e.g. he’s married or he’s “just not ready”), he’s not in a position to align his life with yours, and therefore, no matter how “great” he is, he’s probably not the one for you.

You may think you’ve discovered a prince, but unless he’s stepping up like a prince…with loyalty, honor, and devotion FOR YOU, he’s not your prince.


Now, without focusing on the guy you’re currently seeing or any specific “good guy traits” I want you to take a moment to reflect on the following:

  • What would the ideal relationship for you feel like?
  • What does your ideal relationship look like?
  • How does your ideal partner treat you, speak to you, relate with you?

Congratulations…You’ve just described your CORE NEEDS for relationship!     


You could be dating a “good guy” who isn’t meeting your core needs.   Just because a guy has “good guy” traits, doesn’t mean he’s the right guy for us.  And yet, he could be…

How you see your needs and prioritize yourself has such a huge impact on the type of men you will attract.  If you place value on what you want, choosing to hold out and not get attached to any man who isn’t stepping up to meet your core needs, something really amazing happens.   Quality men will actually begin to align themselves with you because they see the value in you…because you see the value in what YOU want.

It’s not about having a hardcore set of impossible rules that men have to measure up to in order to win you.

Your CORE NEEDS are very basic actually.

To understand them and attract men who will want to give to you and satisfy your needs, it starts with simply being clear on how YOU want to feel in a relationship.

The next step is to learn how to COMMUNICATE and express yourself to men in a way that inspires them — ALL OF THEM who cross your path — to give to you.

You can communicate with men in ways that make them feel drawn to you.  

If you would like my help attracting the man of your dreams and learning how to communicate with him in ways that will melt his heart and make him want to keep you forever, please don’t wait!  

Book a session with me and let’s DO THIS!

Love, Carrie xoxo


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