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Finding Deeper Intimacy

I’m an alluring woman sometimes asked by people what motivated me to become a relationship coach.

Well, besides the fact that I love coaching people and I’m fascinated with what makes relationships work between men and women, my biggest motivation was a deep personal desire to experience intimacy with a man in a way I had never experienced.  

I knew I was the only one standing in the way of discovering that kind of connection with a man.  

So I set out on a mission of self-discovery to learn how to achieve a true and lasting intimacy— a real connection — like I’d never had before.

When I first came across Rori Raye’s materials, I had been in a relationship with my now husband, Paul, for just a few months.  Everything was going great with Paul!   And I was really falling in love.  Fast.

And as I began tumbling faster and farther down the hill that’s when my fears and insecurities started showing up.    

Most of us have had at least one “love mistake” where we’ve ended up with a broken heart.   If you’ve been there then I’m sure you know how painful and confusing it feels to experience a sudden heart break.  It’s like going from blissful to burned in zero to 50 flat.

I was left with a million questions… How could this have happened to me?  Where did I go wrong?  How did I ruin this?   What could have I done differently?  What’s wrong with me?

My self esteem took quite a spill when my inner voice of negativity started answering those questions for me.

Well, actually it wasn’t “her” fault…the problem happened when I started believing her.  The more I listened, the more she persisted.  I knew I had to rein her in.

I could write a whole book (and hey maybe I will) on dealing with that inner voice, but for the sake of staying on point…

Anyway…It wasn’t too long after this that I met Paul. I want to emphasize to you how thankful I felt that it hadn’t worked out with “the other guy”.   It was so plain to me that he was SO not the right guy for me.   To think, had I still been with “that” guy I could have missed out on Paul.  I felt like I had dodged a real bullet!

Words cannot describe what it feels like to experience having the right man step up to claim you.  

Yeah, I was a little broken from the humbling I had just received, but I had already shaken it off and was ready to roll forward.

Breaking Down the Walls  

Let me just say up front that doing this kind of “work” on yourself is no easy thing.

It takes courage and persistence to break down your own walls and get out of your own way.

As I began to find myself feeling more and more vulnerable to Paul, I realized that achieving true intimacy was going to require some work on my part. I realized it wasn’t going to happen unless I made some changes in myself.

I knew I would have to open up myself in ways I had never been able to before.  

Intimacy thrives on trust.

Intimacy requires openness.

Intimacy can only exist where two people are able to be authentic.

I knew I was not naturally equipped with the tools to break down my own barriers, so I knew had to find help or I might never realize my dream of experiencing real intimacy or even worse, I might be doomed to suffer another heartbreak.  

I found Rori Raye and you probably already know the rest is history.

Her method and tools for communicating with men and expressing the feminine resonated with me so much and has been so effective in my own personal love life that I became trained by Rori Raye herself and am now one of a small handful of Rori Raye Certified Master Coach Teachers.

I feel honored to carry this distinction and be able to help women just like you, using my alluring “Type B” approach to manifest your inner goddess and attract the love of your life.

Love, Carrie xoxo


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