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How To Attract Your Soul Mate

How Your Thoughts Can Manifest the Love of Your LIFE

kiss in paradise

I truly believe this this is how the universe and everything in it was formed – as a thought that was conceived, spoken and nurtured into existence.

This is the “universal law” for creating the love life you want (and anything else for that matter).  I know this is true from my own personal experience and it’s become my life’s work as a relationship coach to help you do the same.

MY Creative Genius For Attracting A Lover

I met my husband on Match using this principle (and a damn good profile!)…  We were married just under one year later and are still quite blissfully so.  I’m such a believer in this method for manifesting your soul mate that I really wanted to share it.

How To Attract Your Soul Mate


Feel the Deal 

What you think about the most is what you manifest into your reality.  When you imagine it with feeling, you imbue it with a powerful intention.  You send that energy out and it bounces back to you.

Everything I have ever truly desired such that it felt like it was “meant to be” —  like the job I wanted or the house I wanted, or the relationship I always dreamed about, where the love of my life adored me and wanted ONLY me — and I’m talking far beyond just a crush or lust for something….I mean when it’s so real, that you’ve prayed about it, saying “God’s will, not my will be done”… and  you could feel that the answer was “yes”.  This is what it’s like to “feel the deal”.  It’s like every molecule in God’s creation is in agreement with heart’s desire.

Spend a Little Time Each Day Daydreaming

Think about the type of man you want to attract.  Feel his arms around you.  Smell his cologne.  Hear his heartbeat…hear the words he would say to his ONE true love.  You.

What is his personality like?

What do the two of you have in common?

What is his temperament?

What is it about him that you want to fall in love with?

What is it about you that he would fall in love with?

Envision Your True Love Spiritually

Visualize your soul mate from a spiritual perspective.

Imagine what intimacy would look like and feel like with this lover you are creating.

Imagine loving this man with total acceptance — completely free from judgment — because that is the way you want to be loved as well.  How safe would you feel in the arms of a man who loved you and accepted you exactly how you are, without wanting to change you?   Love him this way.

Be Open To All Forms

An enduring love is so much more than just physical attraction.  Although physical attraction can feel extremely important, concentrating too much on how your “think” your mate is supposed to look can actually work against you.

Soul mates come in many forms.  So, in order to prepare for your the one who is right for you, you need to be ready to free yourself from the urge to make judgments about him, whether physical or otherwise.

The RIGHT Man Will Align With You

If you can practice allowing men to show up however they are, without feeling the need to tell them what and how they must do it in order to please you, then you can experience what it feels like to have men just show up as “messengers” — strangers, admirers who are there to help you learn about what you want and what you don’t want in your ideal relationship.    This happens by observation mostly!

The more open you are to a variety of men…and the more free you are from judgment, the more quickly you’ll attract the perfect man for you.




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