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Keys to Winning At Love

Do you ever experience those moments of clarity when it feels like you’re living life “full out”?  Like you’re on the court, rather than a spectator in the stands?  And it feels as if the whole universe is cheering you on and saying “YES”!?

That’s what it feels like to be WINNING!  Oh, if only you could feel this powerful and magnetic ALL of the time, right?

I believe that we must always be evolving…growing…learning…reaching our human potential while we are here on this earth for this precious, short time. In addition to finding love and experiencing the difficulties and dynamics of a love relationship, we must develop ourselves as individuals. This is where true fulfillment lies.

Love with another soul is complimentary…it does not define us. We often find our soul mates when we find ourselves.

KEYS to Winning At Love:

  • KEY #1:  Keep your focus on what expands you as an individual.
  • KEY #2:  Keep your awareness open and outward…aware of the love that is all around you.  For surely it is all around you!
  • Key #3:  Train yourself to believe that love is all around you.  Because it IS TRUE.  When you feel there is no love for you, that is not truth.  It is your inner guarded self — your Inner Voice — working to protect you.
When your Inner Voice tells you there is no love for you, just HUG her.  Don’t resist, don’t fight.  Your Inner Voice is the part of you that knows you better than anyone else.  She is there to protect you from getting hurt.  Remind her that you will never leave her.
BUT don’t let your Inner Voice rule you!  Although she has the best of intentions, she cannot lead you to your ultimate happiness.  YOU have to be in the drivers seat!
Tell her that you hear her, but that YOU are in charge and YOU will take care of you… tell her that you are choosing your path.
  • Key #4:  Don’t fall  into the trap of arguing with your Inner Voice.  Don’t try to REASON…you WON’T win.  Just tell her YOU are in charge…and that you LOVE her.
Your inner “protective” self is only looking out for you.  She is concerned with making sure you don’t get hurt (again).  She’s trying to save you from looking foolish.   But if you allow her to be the one “driving”, she will undoubtedly hold you back from being your true authentic self and she will unquestionably convince you to play it safe and not take chances.
When we are being run by our protective Inner Voice we are hiding who we are, guarded safely behind a wall.  No one can see us behind that wall of protection.
  • Key #5:  Let your Inner Goddess lead, not your Inner Voice of doubt and self preservation.    

Keep putting yourself out there!   Be curious and open!  People cannot help but be receptive to your sincerity and genuine interest in them.   Let your inner light and vulnerability shine through.  Let others see the real, authentic YOU.

The more you practice sharing yourself with others, the more magnetic and attractive you will become.
Let me know how this works for you!
Love, Carrie xoxo

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