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Love From the Divine (Part 1)

inner goddess Nov 15, 2017

How to Go from Feeling Bad to Feeling Good

Have you ever felt so sad that you wondered when or if you would ever feel good again?

I was always somewhat afraid of my intense negative emotions.  Afraid to feel them and certainly afraid to show them.

The reality is that along with the good feelings, sometimes the “bad” ones show up, too.

Here’s where we can go wrong…

Too often we try to ignore or deny when we’re experiencing one of those intense “negative” feelings.  We’ve learned somehow that feeling those feelings is a bad thing or that feeling those feelings means we are flawed in some way.

Sometimes we’re afraid to show our negative feelings out of fear that we will push others away or that we will seem like a bad person.

So, the question is what can you do about it when the negative ones show up?

Instead of denying your feelings, stuffing them down, or ignoring them, EMBRACE them.


Imagine yourself in the ocean.  The night sky is full of brilliant stars.  You feel safe knowing that God has reserved this sacred space of healing just for you.

The water is warm.  It feels so refreshing.  You feel energized as it wraps around you.  You are aware of its healing energy and you feel thankful.

Your awareness returns to your sadness.  You allow yourself to sink into the sadness.  You swim deep, going further and further down to be with your sadness.

In your sadness, you feel compassion and unconditional love for yourself.

You take a moment to appreciate the gift of feeling so deeply.  You feel a glimmer of hope as you remember what joy feels like.  You begin to feel whole even as you embrace your sadness for the moment, for you know that your heart is an ocean of feelings that all abide together.  Among those are both sadness and joy.

You feel ready to return to the surface…


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