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What Men Really Want

Do you ever feel like you’re his last priority?  Like everyone else in his life is more important, and you’re just an afterthought as he runs off to help this friend or spend time with that friend instead of spending time with you?

If this sounds familiar, here are 5 secrets about how men think and how to inspire a man to give you more of himself.   More time, more affection, a deeper more intimate connection…

#1 – Be a warm, safe place for him.

He wants to be himself and be appreciated for who he is.  He doesn’t want to have to worry about what you will think.  He doesn’t want to be wrong, criticized, or judged.  He doesn’t want to be seen as a disappointment or failure in your eyes.   He wants to be with a woman with whom he feels comfortable to say whatever is on his mind, do what he likes, and know he has her approval.

#2 – Be a warm and soft place for him to land.

This is about creating a cozy feeling of “home” when he’s with you.  He wants to be with a woman he can relax with and let go of the stresses and pressures of the world.    He wants to feel that when he’s with you, he is mainly free from expectations and demands.

#3 – Be happy to see him always.

He really wants to make you happy.  It’s the best feeling in the world to him.   When he sees you happy, he doesn’t think about what it was exactly that made you happy.  All he knows is that HE makes you happy.   Be happy to see him and let it show through in your eyes and genuine smile, as you say “hey handsome”…   When you respond to him this way, it melts his heart.

#4 – Be his biggest fan.

He wants to be your hero.  He wants to be with a woman who thinks he’s the best, smartest, wisest, savviest, most interesting and talented guy in the world.  And with that, he wants your respect.  He wants you to believe and trust in him so much that you naturally follow his lead.

#5 – Be sensual and enjoy your sexuality.

He wants you to be totally open with your sexuality.  One thing that makes a man really apprehensive in getting serious in a relationship is the fear that she won’t like sex.   Sex is how men connect with us and express love to us in the most intimate way.  The more sensual and open we are to them sexually, the deeper the bond goes.

Next, we’ll get into Building Moments with him that FEEL GOOD. 

I can tell you from personal experience and from seeing the results from hundreds of the women I’ve worked with, that if you apply these secrets with the RIGHT man – that is, a man who wants to do relationship with you – this is guaranteed to draw him closer to you and give him that sense that you are the one for him…and the one he wants to spend his time with.

Love, Carrie xoxo


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