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Why Appreciation is VITAL to His Commitment

“The Magic of Appreciation”…and 5 Ways to Show It.

There’s no other feeling in the world like the feeling of being appreciated. Even for the mundane “everyday things” in life. Even for the things we’re “supposed to do”. When we feel appreciated we naturally want to do more — give more.

Being the “giving” energy partner in the relationship, men really thrive upon our appreciation. The more we appreciate them, the more they instinctively want to give. It’s in their nature to give to us.

And yet, so often we withhold our appreciation. Why do we do this?

Do we fall into a way of expectation or complacency?

Do we fear somehow that lavishing too much praise will make us weak and vulnerable?

Do we fail to see what we ought to appreciate because we are too focused on what we DON’T have, rather than what we should be thankful for?

Are we too busy criticizing him to appreciate him?

(Please share your thoughts!)


Yesterday, while I was out with my new “blended family” I paid close attention to the interactions between us (particularly me) and the restaurant staff. The place we went, TOP GOLF (awesome place, which I highly recommend to you SINGLE LADIES!), was very busy and I could tell the staff was used to working at a fast pace and dealing with a variety of “situations”.

Something inside me decided to practice the art of “thank you”…and I became especially cognizant at every opportunity.

Top Golf is a fairly new entertainment complex that has recently burst onto the scene with incredible popularity, so understandably, we had a few minor difficulties with our food order. But, I noticed that the more appreciation we expressed, the more our server was willing to help make things right for us to make sure we were happy. He took great care of us and I felt he went well beyond what was expected.   (So BRAVO to Top Golf for hiring great and caring staff!)

I also took note of one staff member who peeked into the ladies room to do a quick tidy. When I said “thank you so much”, her eyes told the story. Nobody likes to do the thankless jobs, but when we have to (and we all have to from time to time), a simple “hey thanks” goes really a long way!


Our men work so hard to please us and keep us happy.  When they are in love there is very little (if anything) they won’t do for us.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your man went from giving his time, energy and resources to you freely, to all of a sudden pulling away or just stopping completely?

If you ever experienced this it probably felt like a jolt or a slap in the face. It may have even upset or triggered you in some way.

While there are many reasons why men will pull away, one of the BIGGEST and MOST COMMON reasons is simple lack of appreciation.

When a man feels he can’t make us happy, he feels discouraged.  After a while, he will shut down.  He will give up and he will eventually and ultimately pull away.  How tragic!

Start appreciating him NOW and inspire his devotion!

Men were born to give.

A man will fall in LOVE with a woman who not only LOVES HERSELF, but deeply appreciates HIM.


1) LET HIM OPEN DOORS and treat you like a lady.  And say “thank you!”  Being a lady feels so good!

2) LET HIM FIX STUFF and let him help you!   And tell him how GOOD it feels to have a strong man who takes such great care of you!

3) ASK HIM WHAT HE THINKS!  And follow HIS lead!   Men need to lead!

4) TELL HIM HOW GOOD ____ FEELS…   He will do more of the same and he will look for new and more wonderful ways to please you!

5) TELL HIM HOW SPECIAL IT MAKES YOU FEEL WHEN HE ____…   And he will remember how beautiful you look when you are happy.  He will want to see (and feel) that as often as he can.

(Do you have other examples?  Please share!!!)

And I can PROMISE YOU this:

There is a RECIPROCAL EFFECT in appreciating others.  In your relationship, it leads to deeper and greater intimacy.

And now we are ONLY scratching the surface!

Love, Carrie xoxo


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