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Your Goddess Type

inner goddess Jan 03, 2018

Which one are you?

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Known for her love of luxury and her love of men.  Infinitely desirable.  She is

soft spoken

, romantic and passionate.  She attracts men like a magnet without saying a word.  She is very loving and helpful, but can be easily provoked to jealousy by anyone she thinks is more attractive.  She is not above destroying those who offend her.  Aphrodite loves life and brings joy and happiness to others.

Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt; Moon Goddess

Very active and competitive.  Independent, solitary.  Social with those who are like her.  She’s “pack” oriented.  She’s unafraid, dutiful, capable and strong.   She is young and pure.  She is the huntress and can keep up with the boys.  She’s tomboyish.   She is a defender and protector of children and small animals. Think Katniss!


Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

Intelligent and motivated to achieve success.  Career oriented.  She values knowledge on many subjects, including education, social issues and politics.  She is able to succeed in a male-dominated society.  She seeks a self confident partner who can appreciate her intellect and love her for her ambition and independence.   She wants a partner who isn’t threatened by her success.

Eos – Goddess of Dawn

Beautiful goddess of hope and new beginnings.  A lover of peace and hope who also knows trouble and heartbreak.   Dependable.  Loved for her kind, gentle nature.  Known for her unquenchable desire for handsome young men.

Hera – Goddess of Marriage

Extremely beautiful even surpassing Aphrodite.  Passionate about family and monogamy.  She was jealous of Zeus’ love for other women. Compassionate and loving, but vindictive and cruel to her betrayers. Powerful and feared.  A queen among queens.  She embodies and defends all that is sacred in monogamy and marriage.


Iris – Rainbow Goddess

Known as the messenger to the gods.  A flower is named for her.  She is happy, helpful,  honorable and trustworthy.  She doesn’t mind doing the work others don’t want to do.  She is the handmaiden to Hera.  She puts others first, sometimes forsaking her own needs.  Men enjoy her happy, bubbly nature.  She is highly adaptable and able to be whatever she thinks others need her to be.  She calms the storms and creates peace in her environment.

Maia – Goddess of Spring

Shy and committed.  She raised another goddess’ baby and her own son, Hermes, who was secretly fathered by Zeus.  She lived alone in a cave. Considered the most beautiful daughter of the Pleiades.  Her name means “mother”.

Persephone – Goddess of the Underworld

Abducted to the underworld by Hades.  She is highly spiritual and intuitive.  She is a people-pleaser rather than the assertive type.  She is a care-taker and is often found in healing or service type work.  She has difficulty saying “no” and setting boundaries.  She is very beautiful, yet modest and a little unsure of herself.  She tends to attract controlling, sometimes destructive men or younger partners whom she can mother.


Themis – Goddess of Devine Law & Order

She exemplifies justice, morality, humility and good conduct.  She has the gift of prophecy. She is known for her ability to judge all matters without partiality.  She wears a long flowing gown and represents the full maturity of womanhood.


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