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Keys to Winning At Love

Do you ever experience those moments of clarity when it feels like you’re living life “full out”?  Like you’re on the court, rather than a spectator in the stands?  And it feels as if the whole universe is cheering you on and saying “YES”!?

That’s what it feels like to be WINNING!  Oh, if only you could feel this powerful and magnetic ALL of the time, right?

I believe that we must always be evolving…growing…learning…reaching our human potential while we are here on this earth for this precious, short time. In addition to finding love and experiencing the difficulties and dynamics of a love relationship, we must develop ourselves as individuals. This is where true fulfillment lies.

Love with another soul is complimentary…it does not define us. We often find our soul mates when we find ourselves.

KEYS to Winning At Love:

  • KEY #1:  Keep your focus on what expands you as an individual.
  • KEY...
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Stuck In Love (A Man’s Perspective)

I love this article from my friend Raymmar Tirado and wanted to share it with you because it captures heartbreak from a man’s perspective.    

Here, he describes what it was about this woman that made him feel so deeply connected to her.

Read the original article at

Stuck In Love – The One That Got Away

by Raymmar Tirado

Have you ever met someone who just gets you… understands you… completes you?

Someone who, although you were in your darkest hour, made you feel like you were doing exactly what you were meant to do and being everything you were meant to be.

A person who free’d your heart from the shackles of shame and allowed you to begin living your life again. Someone who made you feel like you were in exactly the right place at exactly the right time and in that moment, nothing else mattered.

I can’t imagine it happens more than a few times through the course of our lives.

If we are lucky, we recognize the...

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Your Goddess Type

inner goddess Jan 03, 2018

Which one are you?

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Known for her love of luxury and her love of men.  Infinitely desirable.  She is

soft spoken

, romantic and passionate.  She attracts men like a magnet without saying a word.  She is very loving and helpful, but can be easily provoked to jealousy by anyone she thinks is more attractive.  She is not above destroying those who offend her.  Aphrodite loves life and brings joy and happiness to others.

Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt; Moon Goddess

Very active and competitive.  Independent, solitary.  Social with those who are like her.  She’s “pack” oriented.  She’s unafraid, dutiful, capable and strong.   She is young and pure.  She is the huntress and can keep up with the boys.  She’s tomboyish.   She is a defender and protector of children and small animals. Think Katniss!


Athena – Goddess of Wisdom


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How Do You Know If He’s Really Into You?

attraction dating Dec 07, 2017

So you’ve started dating a guy that you really like and your head is telling you that this is the real deal…”Oh Yeah!  He’s The One!” 

But you want to know for sure…how can you be sure?

Listen.  First, let me just tell you… and maybe you’re not going to want to hear this at first… But trust me… You need to know this because I want you to succeed, so hear me out.

Stop listening to your head!  There’s nothing going on up there that’s going to help you navigate the rough waters ahead of you once you’ve become smitten.

That’s right!  Your head will deceive you into thinking all sorts of things.

Your head will tell you…

  • We have so much in common!  We’re such a perfect fit!
  • Wow, the chemistry!  We can’t keep our hands off each other when we’re together!
  • I can totally picture the “white picket fence”…perfect,...
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Being Honest About Your Feelings

“Am I wrong to feel this way?”

Hi Carrie,

Need to ask a question that I hope doesn’t put me in the “shallow” category.

A guy I’m dating doesn’t have a car.  He sold it a few months ago because he retired and decided that he couldn’t afford to keep both his car and his motorcycle, and the motorcycle won out.  However, I don’t feel good about getting serious with a man who doesn’t have a car.  He asked me out for Friday night (in addition to Wednesday) night to go to a live talk show we both like.  And just texted me back asking if he could come here on his cycle, and we could take my car over to the film studio from here.  (He rented a car for our first date, and said he had no problem renting when he needed to.)  By the way, he got another job after retiring from his old line of work because he wanted some additional income.

I want to be honest about my feelings about this, but am leaning...

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When He Makes Less Money Than You

communication dating Nov 24, 2017

How do you make it work when you earn more than your guy?

A woman recently came to me for advice because her guy was being a little difficult to read.  She couldn’t figure out if he was still into her or if he really wanted to end the relationship.  He was still calling her every night and he seemed like he still cared, but he just wasn’t stepping forward with a commitment.

He’s been pulling back, saying he needs time to get his financial life in order to be able to provide the life for her that she deserves.  But the daily phone calls and text messages are sending a different message.

Here’s what she wrote to me:

“He really poured out his heart to me earlier today while we were on the phone telling me how much he missed me but that he couldn’t let his feelings for me deter him from his focus which is being a provider.  He admitted to not feeling right as a man to not having his finances together as he wishes them to be because...

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Love From the Divine (Part 1)

inner goddess Nov 15, 2017

How to Go from Feeling Bad to Feeling Good

Have you ever felt so sad that you wondered when or if you would ever feel good again?

I was always somewhat afraid of my intense negative emotions.  Afraid to feel them and certainly afraid to show them.

The reality is that along with the good feelings, sometimes the “bad” ones show up, too.

Here’s where we can go wrong…

Too often we try to ignore or deny when we’re experiencing one of those intense “negative” feelings.  We’ve learned somehow that feeling those feelings is a bad thing or that feeling those feelings means we are flawed in some way.

Sometimes we’re afraid to show our negative feelings out of fear that we will push others away or that we will seem like a bad person.

So, the question is what can you do about it when the negative ones show up?

Instead of denying your feelings, stuffing them down, or ignoring them, EMBRACE them.


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Broken Bliss

What To Do When You’re Afraid of Getting Hurt…Again

Sasha’s Question:  

“I’m afraid of getting hurt.  I was once hurt by someone who made me think he was crazy in love with me only to watch it disappear suddenly out of nowhere.  It was so painful to go through because I never saw it coming, but I’m actually thankful that it ended because he was all wrong for me and I would have never met the guy I’m with now.

My dilemma is that I love how I’m feeling about this new guy.  Everything seems so perfect!  But I find myself feeling scared and vulnerable.  We’ve only been dating for 3 months.  I can’t just shut my feelings off if he decides he’s suddenly not interested.  I don’t know if I could take another heart break like the one before.  My heart broke into a million pieces!

How do I let go of my fear and let love in?   I really want to move on and experience love,...

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I am Aphrodite

I believe we all have an inner goddess archetype who personifies our individual beauty as a woman.

Which goddess are you?

Maybe you can identify with more than one…

Click on the link to find your inner goddess type!

Your Goddess Type

Write to me and let me know which one you are.  If you don’t see your favorite goddess, let me know!

Love, Carrie


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Be His “Bedroom Fairy”…and win him back!

Here’s a letter from Candace who is struggling with something many of us can identify with.  She wants to know how to save her marriage and get her husband to be attracted to her again:  

“I’m so fed up with my husband.   I can’t seem to get through to him.  Every time I try to talk to him about our marriage, he doesn’t listen to me, and he doesn’t seem to care. I’m so tired of being the only one making the effort.  I’m tired of being disrespected.  He doesn’t seem to want me or even want to be around me anymore.  He doesn’t seem to be attracted to me, even though I do everything I can to take care of myself.  I think I look great for my age.  I think I look better than most women my age.  I think other men think so, too.  But he doesn’t even seem to notice.  

I’m worried because I think he may be considering leaving me.  It feels like he’s...

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