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What Makes a Woman Magnetic and Irresistible?

This post is  inspired by a recent conversation I had with my 19-year-old son, Luke.     He told me what makes a woman attractive, what makes a man fall in love, and why women get dumped so often.

ME:   Tell me Luke…What is it about a woman that makes her attractive and irresistible?

LUKE:  Well, I can tell you for sure what makes her UNATTRACTIVE.  She could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if she’s clingy and co-dependent it’s a no-go.   Men — well, I can speak for myself anyway — are attracted to beautiful, confident, independent girls who are fun to be with, but have a life of their own, with their own goals.  Autonomy.

“The perfect girl is like a BUTTERFLY.”  

ME:  Ooh…butterfly.  I like that concept.

LUKE:  Yeah, that one word says it all.  Think about it… A butterfly is a beautiful, delicate, unique creature unlike any other in the world....

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Keys to Winning At Love

Do you ever experience those moments of clarity when it feels like you’re living life “full out”?  Like you’re on the court, rather than a spectator in the stands?  And it feels as if the whole universe is cheering you on and saying “YES”!?

That’s what it feels like to be WINNING!  Oh, if only you could feel this powerful and magnetic ALL of the time, right?

I believe that we must always be evolving…growing…learning…reaching our human potential while we are here on this earth for this precious, short time. In addition to finding love and experiencing the difficulties and dynamics of a love relationship, we must develop ourselves as individuals. This is where true fulfillment lies.

Love with another soul is complimentary…it does not define us. We often find our soul mates when we find ourselves.

KEYS to Winning At Love:

  • KEY #1:  Keep your focus on what expands you as an individual.
  • KEY...
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I am Aphrodite

I believe we all have an inner goddess archetype who personifies our individual beauty as a woman.

Which goddess are you?

Maybe you can identify with more than one…

Click on the link to find your inner goddess type!

Your Goddess Type

Write to me and let me know which one you are.  If you don’t see your favorite goddess, let me know!

Love, Carrie


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A Guide to Online Dating

“I’m not having any luck at all with any of these online dating sites.  I give up! All the good men are either taken or gay.  All the men I find on these sites are players, jerks, or just defective in some way.”

Sound familiar?  Believe me, I understand.  I’ve been there too.  But the truth is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful men out there waiting to meet a woman just like you that they can fall in love with.

Believe it or not, most men actually WANT to be married.

Who is Mr. Wonderful looking for?  He wants to find the woman who makes him feel totally accepted for who he is, not who she can change him to be.  He wants to feel appreciated by his woman.  And he wants to fall in love with a feminine energy woman who really loves herself (like the goddess that she is) and knows how to express herself.

Thankfully, I discovered the elements and tools that can make anyone succeed at finding love...

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