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What to Do When He Hasn’t Called

You’re Upset Because You Haven’t Heard From Him…Should You Pretend Everything is OK?

One reader has been feeling confused because she hasn’t heard from the guy she’s seeing who’s been out of the country on vacation for a month.  She’s feeling disappointed and a little pissed because she thought they were really into each other and she had hoped he would find time to stay in touch.  She’s not sure what to say when he calls.


To find your words, first start with finding your feelings.  ALL of them.

Truth is, there can be lots of feelings happening all at the same time.  We’re complex and that’s what makes us so wonderful!  You could be feeling any emotion from terrible to elated and several in between.

Let’s approach this using an adaptation from some of Rori Raye’s wisdom.

Step 1:  Tune into your feelings. 

Ask yourself:  How would it feel if he called?...

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Finding Deeper Intimacy

I’m an alluring woman sometimes asked by people what motivated me to become a relationship coach.

Well, besides the fact that I love coaching people and I’m fascinated with what makes relationships work between men and women, my biggest motivation was a deep personal desire to experience intimacy with a man in a way I had never experienced.  

I knew I was the only one standing in the way of discovering that kind of connection with a man.  

So I set out on a mission of self-discovery to learn how to achieve a true and lasting intimacy— a real connection — like I’d never had before.

When I first came across Rori Raye’s materials, I had been in a relationship with my now husband, Paul, for just a few months.  Everything was going great with Paul!   And I was really falling in love.  Fast.

And as I began tumbling faster and farther down the hill that’s when my fears and insecurities started...

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Avoid This Common Pitfall in Dating and Inspire Him to Win You

Why Men Pull Away

Here’s a question from “Lauren” about a common pattern that she keeps repeating that is keeping her from the love she wants.

Dear Carrie,

Could you please help me understand what I’m doing wrong with men?

I think I’ve done the same thing with my boyfriend as with my ex:  I jumped on their respective trains.  I had expectations. With my ex, I abandoned my country, friends and family, my career, my hobbies and even my appearance. I feel I’ve done the same with my boyfriend.  I wanted stuff from him and got really frustrated when he wasn’t delivering.  So what do I do instead?


As women, when we fall in love, it feels natural to us to devote our entire lives to the relationship…sometimes to the point of losing ourselves.  That’s where we can go wrong.

Instead of our steadfast devotion working to strengthen the relationship, it can actually work against us if we give up on the...

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He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not…

What To Do When You’re Not Sure if He’s Moved On or Still There… 

Here’s an email (I shortened a little) from a woman who is struggling to understand if her relationship has ended with a man whom she feels is truly meant for her.

Is he working through his issues (and still loves her) or has he moved on?


Still no closure on my relationship and struggling to be happy and stay happy.  I think about him every single day. It could be a song that reminds me of him, a movie, a thought, food or anything. I had a dream the other night about his daughter, and it seemed so real. The very next night I had a dream about him. So even though I try to move on and I am working on sending out good, positive vibes, I am somehow always brought back to thoughts of him, even in my subconscious which I can’t even control!

Sometimes I feel like I’ll get signs that we still have a chance and he just needs a little push and reassurance from me and to...

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When Does a Relationship Become Real?

Understanding HIS Timeline Vs. YOUR Timeline

Have you ever been dating a guy and you thought things were going really great, but then suddenly he pulled away after a few days, weeks or months?

It seemed like one minute the two of you were falling blissfully head over heels, and then then next thing you know, it’s all over and you have no idea why. 

You may have even experienced a situation with a man where you thought for sure that the two of you had a powerful soul connection and then out of nowhere, he just ended it.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Well, if you’re anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And you know how devastatingly awful it feels.  It’s so confusing!

And if this has happened to you before, chances are you may have even stepped away from trusting yourself…then out the door goes your authenticity.  It’s like you’re afraid to be yourself and really let a man get...

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