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12 Principles of Happiness

My 12 Principles for Happiness
1. Always choose to love yourself unconditionally.
No matter what happens or whatever you go through in life, don't abandon yourself.  If you realize you've been beating yourself because you think you blew it somehow, then now is the tme to let go of that and choose compassion.  You're not perfect, no one is.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  People may come and go but you will always have you.
2. Trust your boundaries and fine-tune your instincts
Follow your feelings and intuition towards what feels good and what resonates with you.  Learn to know by feeling when you're in the right place for you and walk away from situations that dishonor you.  Follow your heart and stay true to your purpose.  If you're dating a man and something feels off, then honor that and give your heart what it needs.  Strong boundaries and intuition are a vital part of your happiness.  If you boundaries...
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